New Season of “Dexter” Set to Debut This Fall

Nearly a decade after the eighth season, “Dexter” is finally back with a new installment, titled “Dexter: New Blood”. The season finale of “Dexter” aired in 2013, leaving fans with a controversial ending that left many disappointed.

At the end of season 8, Dexter escaped from the hospital with the body of his sister, Deb, who had been shot and left in a coma. Dexter then proceeded to fake his own death, eventually living under a new name in Oregon.

Fans of the show felt the season finale wasn’t as strong as its predecessors, creating an overwhelmingly negative response.

Fortunately, the killer drama has a chance to redeem itself with its upcoming 10-episode ninth season. The trailer follows Dexter as he works at Fred’s Fish & Game under the name of Jim Lindsay. The trailer also suggested that Dexter’s son, Harrison, will appear as a teenager in the new season.

The cast of the new season consists of many new faces, like Julia Jones, Jamie Chung, Johnny Sequoyah, and Alano Miller to name a few. As for the returning cast, Jennifer Carpenter will return as Debra Morgan and of course, Michael C. Hall as Dexter.

According to Hall, “Dexter: New Blood” is certain to satisfy long-time fans of “Dexter”.

“The original series happened over 10 years ago. So, there’s certainly a different vibe of the way the actual show is shot in terms of the aesthetic. I do think it’s a little darker. It takes place in upstate New York and as we know from the last season, Dexter’s hiding,” said Hall. “So, it certainly carries on and you have a lot of fresh faces, but a lot of familiar ones. I think it will certainly satisfy everyone’s appetite. Especially if you’re a big Dexter fan.”

“Dexter: New Blood” is set to premiere Nov. 7. The series will not be on Netflix, as episodes will be aired weekly on Showtime.