Netflix’s “You” Season 3 to Return in October

Since 2018, Netflix’s hit show “You” has captivated thriller fans from far and wide. Two years after the second season was released, Netflix announced the series will finally be returning with a third installment.

The 10-episode third season of “YOU” is set to release Oct. 15, following Joe and Love’s new life with a baby in the suburbs. Joe seems to have found his perfect match, as his thirst for obsession doesn’t scare away Love, so much so that she’s not afraid to join in.

Netflix recently dropped an announcement video for the third season, featuring a spine-chilling narration by Joe. In the video, he speaks to the audience as if they are his unborn child, discussing potential baby names before deciding on Henry.

In an interview on the “Watch With Us” podcast, showrunner Sera Gamble revealed that the season is much more than meets the eye.

“He has the perplexity to see a girl and think that she’s The One. I don’t see any signs of stopping that, but we never want to make a season that feels like it’s trying to replicate the one before,” she said. “He has a baby on the way and Love has moved from that perfect girl that he’s trying to win to the real girl, who’s maybe not exactly what he’s expected … to something much more like a wife.”

“You” will stream exclusively on Netflix starting Oct. 15, featuring a returning cast as well as new guest stars. Watch the series official trailer below.