“Big Brother” Crowns First Black Winner

“Big Brother” history was made last night, as the show had its first Black winner. Contestant Xavier Prather took home the $750,000 prize after a unanimous vote by the jury. The 23rd season of “Big Brother” had only seven white contestants playing out of 16 people, making it the most racially diverse cast in the show’s history.

Xavier first started his path to victory when he joined up with other minority contestants in an alliance, named “The Cookout”. The team managed to carry its six-person team until the end, which is rare for most “Big Brother” alliances.

The Cookout came together to achieve a much bigger goal than just the cash prize. The alliance wanted to make it to the final six, ensuring a Black person would win for the first time in history. The team held together until contestant Mitchell got voted out first of the group, followed by Chaddha on a double elimination night.

Xavier Prather seemed to be more than grateful for his victory, thanking the cast and the jury for their support.

“It’s surreal. I wouldn’t have been here without all the members of The Cookout and every single member of the jury, he said. “And those members not in the jury, who were part of the season, can’t thank you guys enough. I’m so blessed to have met every single one of you and we all made history this season, so I think we should all be proud.”