“Anatomy Of A Scandal” Adds Ben Radcliffe to the Cast

The creator of “Big Little Lies” David E. Kelley and former “House Of Cards” showrunner Melissa James Gibson are working together to create a limited series for Netflix. It’s going to be entitled “Anatomy Of A Scandal” and will be directed by S.J. Clarkson (who is famous for working on “Succession” and “Jessica Jones“).

The “Anatomy Of A Scandal” is a six-part series that is based on Sarah Vaughan’s best-selling novel. It tells the story of a scandal that shook the British elite and the women got involved.


The show will be following a high-profile Westminster politician who is accused of rape. As this news spread like wildfire, his marriage with Sophie starts unraveling. She is pretty sure of her husband’s innocence while the prosecutor is convinced that he is guilty.

Viewers may notice the similar anthology format as “A Very English Scandal” which featured Hugh Grant in the first season with a murder conspiracy. The goal for the “Anatomy Of A Scandal” is to feature different scandals.

Who Will We Be Seeing in “Anatomy Of A Scandal”?

So far, we know that Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery will be starring in the show but recently, Ben Radcliffe was added to the list of cast members.

Radcliffe is set to play Young James while Older James will be played by Rupert Friend.


You may recognize Ben Radcliffe from CW’s “Pandora.” He was also recently seen filming a new George R.R. Martin series called “Nightflyers”.

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