Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel Knocks Us Out with Trump Punchlines

Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel never shied away from political jokes and maybe that’s one of the biggest reasons they’re so relevant right now. So, they talked about Trump.

Instead of getting angry at all of these issues, they get to bring some to light and make fun of it enough to make people think…and that is what they did with President Donald Trump’s days in the White House.

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Former reality television star, Trevor Noah, President Donald Trump is going big and going home. “The Daily Show” host talked about how the current administration is going to expand the American citizenship test for immigrants.

That starting December 1, any immigrant who wishes to gain American citizenship will take a test that feature more topics and questions that the test’s previous versions.

“How’s Trump creating a citizenship test that even himself couldn’t pass,” Trevor Noah said. “Are we sure that making the citizenship test harder was Trump’s idea? Maybe it’s Melania’s.”

Of course, Trump isn’t just stopping there, right? Noah also brought up how the new Justice Department included allowances for “federal executions.” Meaning, electrocutions and firing squad may be seen in the near future. He added that “as scary as these grand last-minute gestures may be, Trump’s not the only world leader going out with a bang,” he added.

“Now what’s really interesting is that Donald Trump isn’t the only one trying to go big before he goes home,” he said.

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“Over the next two months you’re going to see Trump’s friends cram in as much as they can before he leaves office,” said by Trevor Noah. “Vladimir Putin might just invade all of Ukraine, Saudi Arabia could execute every one else at the Washington Post and Kim Jong-Un is going to take advantage of everyone being distracted so he could could get those bands he’s always wanted.”

Meanwhile Jimmy Kimmel says that in addition to all this policy cramming, President Trump is also laying the foundation for another presidential run.

Last Monday’s opening monologue for a Jimmy Kimmel Live episode, the show’s host mentioned how the recount that Trump’s party was requested has yielded pretty much the same results he had during election week. Obviously, Biden came out as the victor.

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“No President has ever lost one election so many times,” Jimmy joked. ” But he could be coming back for one more. Not only is he reportedly planning to run again in 2024 – he is floating the idea of launching his campaign – during Joe Biden’s inauguration week, because of course he is.”

President Donald Trump even said that he’s not leaving the office yet during a press conference over the weekend. He avoided terms such as “end,” “last,” or “final” when responding to reporters’ questions.

Kimmel also talked about less thrilling things such as how Biden injured his foot over the Thanksgiving weekend while playing with his dog, Major.

“Even the eventful things that happen to Joe Biden are uneventful,” Kimmel said.

Before ending his monologue, he found a commonality between the injured President-Elect and Trump.

“In a way, Trump and Biden both got the boot this month,” he said.

See Noah and Kimmel’s complete segments below.

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