“The Flight Attendant” Finale is Shocking

Finales are quite the task – season or series. However, “The Flight Attendant” makes it look incredibly easy.

Everyone, this is how you execute a finale on a high note.

This is how you keep your audiences waiting.


“The Flight Attendant” is something for fellow binge-watchers and lucky you, its eighth episode dropped last December 18, 2020. The show can be characterized as the opposite of James Bond films and is best watched while chilling with a drink in hand.

So, fill up on a serious serving of Netflix‘s “The Queen’s Gambit” and then move to “The Flight Attendant” with Kaley Cuoco.

After clocking hundreds of episodes on “The Big Bang Theory,” Cuoco brings her charm and radiates sunshine despite her alcoholic ways – all while being a steward-in-the-sky Cassie Bowen.

The story starts after falling for a good looking guy in first class named Alex Sokolov (played by Michael Huisman) and then wakes up next to his dead but still hot bod in a luxurious Bangkok hotel.

From there, Cassie Bowen becomes an FBI person of interest even while having zero memory of what happened that night. As she racks her brain, she turns to an attorney who’s not the greatest named Annie (played by Zosia Mamet).

She finds herself in the middle of a huge web of arms dealers and corrupt political families.



We learn that Cassie’s new boyfriend, Buckley (whose real name was Felix) was the guy who killed Alex back in Bangkok because he was after his money.

Alex, we’re guessing, is not the brightest bulb since he wrote down the coordinates to his bank account in a copy of “Crime and Punishment” which Cassie took from the murder scene.

As expected, the book falls back into Buckley/Felix’s hands. Cassie finds a spy friend who happens to be Alex’s former associate Miranda (played by Michelle Gomez). The two women come up with a plan to square off with him somewhere in Rome.

While the two were at this, Miranda takes out her crime boss and the one who’s behind all this chaos, Victor (played by Ritchie Coster).

In a different storyline, Cassie’s friend who’s also a flight attendant, Megan (played by Rosie Perez) is feeling the guild about the trouble she has caused her husband Bill after stealing information for a rival company, that she decides to flee.

HOWEVER! We see Shane (played by Griffin Matthews), Cassie’s fellow flight attendant with a gun to the rescue and shoots Felix down. Apparently, Shane is in the C.I.A. and hopefully, we get to see more of this in season two of “The Flight Attendant.”

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