Lucifer Finally Reveals First 2 Titles Of Season 6

Lucifer finally revealed its first two episode titles for season 6 in a series of social media posts. Through the writers’ official Twitter account, the Netflix show announced the two titles along with who writes and directs it. They hosted a guessing game and also asked fans to fill in the blanks after to guess episode 3’s title.

As an early Christmas present from the team, fans were treated with title reveals for episodes 1 and 2 on Twitter.  They wrote, “Hell-o LuciFans! Since you’ve been so good during this difficult year (wearing your masks, social distancing, staying as safe as you can), Satan Claus has some gifts to give out during the holiday season. Who would like to start seeing some #Lucifer Season 6 episode titles?”

The season premiere is named Nothing Ever Changes Around Here, written by longtime show writer Mike Costa. Star Kevin Alejandro, who plays series’ Detective Dan Espinoza, will stand as the episode’s director.

This is Alejandro’s third time directing, after helming season 3 bonus episode Once Upon A Time, and season 5A finale, Spoiler Alert. The latter episode saw God’s (Dennis Haysbert) character debut during Lucifer, Michael, Maze, and Amenadiel’s fight at the police station.

Meanwhile, episode 2 is called “Buckets of Baggage” with Jen Graham Imada as the writer, and Richard Speight, Jr. as the director. 

Speight, Jr. by contrast has directed two season 5 episodes namely BlueBallz from part 1 and A Little Harmless Stalking in part 2. The upcoming episode from the fifth season’s part 2 will deal with Dr. Linda Martin (Rachel Harris).

Lucifer Season 6: What else is in store for us?

Continuing the game, the writers teased a few letters for fans to complete their guesses for S6 episode 3 title. Nothing has been confirmed but speculations include Young Daddy To Be, Years Fated To Me, Yabba Dabba Do Me, and more.

In addition, Lucifer’s co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich dropped a hint that there might be a Christmas special episode coming to Netflix. Modrovich shared a BTS picture of an unknown actor wearing a Santa Claus costume while wishing her followers happy holidays. 

Her tweet garnered the fans’ curiosity, asking if a special episode is releasing on Netflix this holiday season. Though she did not address the question, she left another remark which left clues for the show’s eagle-eyed fans. 

She said, “Who’s to say the REAL Santa wasn’t just visiting our set with his sack full of toys? We HAVE been verrrry nice this year.” This led to another speculation that if a special Christmas episode is coming, then Lucifer might feature Santa Claus himself.

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