Loki TV Series To Debut On Disney Plus In May 2021

Loki, one of the highly anticipated MCU TV series for Disney+ officially gets to debut in May 2021. Starring British actor Tom Hiddleston, the titular role first debuted as a character in 2011’s Marvel Studios’ film, Thor. Since then, the Norse trickster god has appeared in a total of six movies between the Thor and Avengers series.

Loki’s character received a great deal of sympathy from audiences who have witnessed his anticlimactic end at the murderous hand of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. However, Endgame saw the time-travel mission resulting in a post-2012’s Avengers Loki getting his hands on the tesseract and escaping capture. Thus, it left open the possibility of Loki’s return in the MCU in an alternate timeline. In 2018, news confirmed that Hiddleston will work on a limited series for Disney+, exploring the events following his escape.

Today, Marvel Studios has shared a first look at the Loki series along with the announcement of a release date. The Disney+ show will premiere in May 2021, and Hiddleston will reprise his role as the titular character.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Sophia DiMartino round out the supporting cast. Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant is also said to guest star in an episode, though nothing has been confirmed about his role. Michael Waldron (Rick and Morty) will serve as both the showrunner and head-writer, while Kate Herron (Sex Education) will direct. Production is expected to conclude sometime this month, and this latest announcement seemingly affirms that it’s almost settled.

Loki TV Series First Official Trailer

Little has been revealed about the show’s plot, but Loki’s time-jumping seems to get him in trouble with the Time Variance Authority (TVA). While he is clearly brought in as a prisoner, Loki ends up in a corporate suit by the trailer’s end. Perhaps, this suggests he eventually became a TVA employee.

The most intriguing scene, though, involves him referencing a plan with his brother, Thor and Heimdall. He even jumped off a plane only to be absorbed by the multicolor beam of the Bifrost, Asgard’s legendary bridge. Whether this means Loki will be able to rejoin the main MCU timeline again or not, remains to be seen.

On the other hand, while it’s possible that Loki could, the moment actually suggests otherwise. By the time the Avengers managed to return everyone Thanos snapped out of existence, Asgard was already destroyed. Moreover, Heimdall already died sending the Hulk back to Earth at the beginning of Infinity War. In the end, if Loki doesn’t really rejoin the future films, the action-packed series hopefully satisfies the trickster god’s fans. 

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