Hawkeye Set Photos Confirm Hailee Steinfeld As Kate Bishop

Hawkeye set photos revealed just confirmed Hailee Steinfeld’s casting as Kate Bishop. More than a year since the project’s announcement, production finally commences giving the public their first look at the Jeremy Renner-lead series. Not only are we seeing him as Clint Barton, but also his bow-and-arrow wielding contemporary version.

Renner has been teasing for a while now that he is gearing up to reprise his MCU role. Recent filming notice also confirmed that work is indeed about to start for the Disney+ show. Now that shooting is underway, information about the series also begun coming out starting with Steinfeld’s first look as Kate.

In a Twitter post made by a user @CreamOrScream, a couple of Hawkeye set images featuring both Renner and Steinfeld. The two are shown filming in a subway station. Interestingly, the Bumblebee star carries a bow out in the open while appearing like they are running away from something. 

In the comics, MCU’s Kate Bishop is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who has shady dealings on the side. After being assaulted, she has trained to protect herself in case someone attacks her again. When Clint Barton is presumed dead, she takes up Hawkeye’s mantle. They eventually team-up in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s version of Hawkeye, which came as the new show’s primary inspiration. 

This is backed up by these images, as the pair seems to be already working together at this point in the show.

When is Disney+ Hawkeye’s release date?

Marvel Studios has yet to announce a specific release date for the series. However, with filming already in progress, it won’t be that long until we see the show hitting the streaming giant. Moreover, the set images released came just after Steinfeld was first spotted on the set of the Hawkeye show. Marvel Studios has also yet to make any official announcement regarding it. 

On the other hand, Renner took it upon himself to indirectly confirm Steinfeld’s casting. In his official social media account, he posted a BTS photo taken at the set. He captions it with, “Ms Bishop … we need you !  #marvel.”

The image was uploaded the same day photos of him and Steinfeld while filming were taken. In addition, the photo also suggests the same location from filming which is the subway station.  

Steinfeld was actually among the company’s top picks to play Kate in the MCU. Before these Hawkeye content, the actress already sparked rumors about her involvement in the Disney+ series. This happened after she posted a cryptic image on her Instagram which featured a bow emoji.


Nevertheless, considering that Hawkeye films out in the open, photos and videos like these will eventually make their way online. Marvel has to confirm the news sooner or later.

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