Grand Army Star Hopes For A Second Season Renewal

Grand Army star Maliq Johnson recently opened up about his hopes for a second season of the show. Johnson plays Jayson Jackson in the series, a fun-loving saxophone prodigy navigating the waters of life at Brooklyn High School. While Netflix has yet to confirm a season renewal, Johnson shared his thoughts about it in a recent interview.

Created and written by Katie Capello, Grand Army depicts the lives and struggles of five teenagers in Brooklyn, New York. The series threads the stories of these five students together, tackling issues about romance, friendship, school violence, social justice, and more. It premiered on the streaming giant’s site last October 16.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Johnson admitted that he is not sure about the show’s status at this point. However, he also said, “Knowing [creator Katie Cappiello], I am sure she has ideas down somewhere but that’s just me assuming.”

Should Netflix pick up the show for a second season, Johnson hopes to continue his character’s friendship with Owen Williams (Jaden Jordan). Jaden was another saxophonist who got kicked out of the school for a minor infraction.

“This is speculation and my opinion, but I feel like he will only continue to grow as a young man,” Johnson said. “I feel like we would probably see Owen again, because Jayson just won’t let their relationship go down the gutter.”

Grand Army – A realistic portrayal often unseen in adaptations

Johnson has commended the Grand Army for its realistic portrayal of human complex relationships. He notably credited its nuanced relationships like Jayson and Owen’s, in a way viewers don’t often see in TV dramas.

“We can still smoke and be educated. We can play an instrument, we can still have fun with our friends and we can be morally sound,” he confessed.

“It also shows that kids are not that different from adults. Adults think that because they are older that they automatically know more and have been through more, but Grand Army shows that you can be a teenager and still be going through the same mental crisis as an adult… if not worse.”

Grand Army also stars Odessa A’zion, Odley Jean, Amalia Yoo, and Amir Bageria. Streaming of the first season is now available on Netflix. Watch its trailer below.

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