Young Sheldon Season 4 Release Date, Cast & Trailer

Young Sheldon is a popular prequel series to the classic Big Bang Theory, following Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) as a child. The series was renewed for a fourth season after the successful release of its third installment. When is its release date and what will the new season be all about?

Young Sheldon Season 4 Release Date

Like several TV series and movies, Young Sheldon was forced to halt production during third season due to coronavirus concerns. Fortunately, the team finally resumed filming, although it was nothing like it has been before. Stephanie Spetrino, show’s production staff shared a BTS snap on Twitter while filming in the middle of a pandemic. 

CBS announced that season four starts airing on November 5, and it will focus on Sheldon’s graduation plans. The synopsis for the new season reads, “After graduating high school, Sheldon has a breakdown when he realizes he may not be ready for college. Also, Dale tries to make amends with Meemaw.”

Young Sheldon Season 4 Plot

Titled “Graduation,” season 4’s premiere episode dwells on Sheldon’s unprecedented graduation from Medford High School at just 11 years old. He goes on a breakdown after realizing he may not be ready for college. 

“You know we’ve known for a long time on Big Bang that Sheldon graduated high school at 11 and it’s nice to finally see it happen,” showrunner Steve Molaro teased. “I can tell you that this was intended to be the season 3 finale and because of COVID we got shut down two days into the shooting of it.”

On what fans can further expect this upcoming season, Molaro commented, “I can tell you that there are certain scenes in it that were shot seven months ago but I don’t think you would ever know. And there’s a sweet little Big Bang surprise at the end of it.”

“We dabble in the future Big Bang storyline at the end of this episode,” Molaro confirmed. “I was really happy with how that turned out.”

Young Sheldon Season 4 Cast

The Big Bang Theory spin-off stars Iain Armitage as the young Sheldon. He is joined by Zoe Perry and Lance Barber, reprising their roles as Sheldon’s mother and father, Mary and George respectively.

In addition, Raegan Revord plays Melissa, Sheldon’s fraternal twin sister, Montana Jordan as George Junior, Sheldon’s older brother, and Annie Potts as Connie, their grandmother.

Jim Parsons, who plays the grown-up Sheldon in Big Bang Theory, will also return to provide narration for the series.

Young Sheldon Season 4 Trailer

The trailer synopsis reads: 

“Meet a child genius named Sheldon Cooper; (already seen as an adult in The Big Bang Theory (2007)) and his family. Some unique challenges face Sheldon who seems socially impaired. Set in 1989, the series follows 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper as he attends high school in the fictional town of Medford, Texas, and tries to fit in the world around him while his family and friends attempt to deal with his unique intellectual capabilities and social challenges.”

Young Sheldon season 4 premieres November 5 on CBS in the US.

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