Virgin River Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Plot

During heavy times like these, we are all looking for something light and something to make us feel good and Virgin River does just that.

Feel the embrace of easier and happier times because Virgin River season 2 is about to make its come back. If you’re feeling the butterflies as much as we are, then read on for more information about this Netflix series.

Virgin River is a series based on Robyn Carr’s series of romance novels of the same name.

Plot of Virgin River Season 2

The story is set in a remote town somewhere in Northern California. The town is quaint, everybody knows each other, each corner is Instagram-worthy, and bartenders are friendly.

Our main protagonist is Melinda “Mel” Monroe is a nurse practitioner and a widow. She decided to relocate following her husband’s death and she chose this place as her next place of healing.

Just in case you need a refresher of what went down last season, Mel finally takes the extra step and tells Jack about her husband and baby. Afterwards, they go on a date and Jack discovers that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. We also witnessed Hope and Doc Mullins reconnect.

As expected, a secret was discovered. Bartender Preacher finds out Paige’s mysterious past and the mother-son duo disappear. This one left us with our mouths open and wondering where they went so maybe this storyline is something that the show will be following this coming season.

The season ended with Mel crying while packing her bags to return to Los Angeles and we have a lot of questions. Although it’s safe to assume that her plan of moving out of Virgin River didn’t push through because there was a season 2 but it might be safer to watch!

The Cast of Virgin River Season 2

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It has also been confirmed that our favorite show’s cast will be complete in this coming season. We have Alexandra Breckenridge to play Mel and her boss, Doc Mullins, who is played by Tim Matheson.

So, When Will Virgin River Season 2 Be Released?

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We should see the second installation of Virgin River will be released this coming November 27th, the Friday after Thanksgiving, with 10 episodes. Don’t worry because you don’t need a plane ticket, just a Netflix subscription and you’ll be instantly transported to this beautiful mountain town.

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Virgin River When They Air?

As of writing this, we can only watch this show on Netflix but we are hoping that the show branches out to other streaming platforms.

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