Vikings Season 7 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Vikings is a period television series created and written by Michael Hirst.

Our screens were blessed by the first episode of the series on March 2013. Since then, more and more fans have been hopping on the bandwagon or the Viking boat, to be more appropriate. Throughout the years, Vikings has successfully released five seasons. The sixth season was released on December 2019 and not too long after that, creators announced that the sixth season would be divided into two parts.

However, due to the ongoing pandemic, only 10 episodes have been released so far.

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Plot of Vikings Season 7

We ended the first half of season 6 with a battle between the Rus and the Vikings. We’re not sure if we were the only ones but the battle scenes were incredibly hard to follow.

There was also an entire segment between Bjorn and Ivar. Although we’re not really sure when it happened because they didn’t meet before the battle, our hunch is kind of leaning towards how it could be a flashback. They ended the first season with a sort of betrayal.

We all though Bjorn was okay with Ivar’s cause but when he stabs Ivar through the side which killed him, felt surreal. Was that an attempt to put deeper meaning into the scenes? Because that might have not gone their way.

The Cast of Vikings Season 7

Based on how the first half of Vikings Season 6, we can expect most of the characters should return. Cast members such as Katheryn Winnick will be returning as Lagertha, Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe, Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn, Marco Ilsø as Hvitserk, and John Kavanagh as The Sheer.

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We can also expect to see Ben Robson as Kalf, Alex Anderson as Ivar the Boneless, David Lindstrom as Sigurd, and Danila Kozlovsky as Oleg the Prophet in the second half of Vikings Season 6.

So, When Will Be Vikings Season 7 Be Released?

Unfortunately, History has announced the end of Vikings after season 6 ends. That means, it’s a sad day for us, Vikings fans, because we might not be seeing any more of our favorite characters.

Instead of feeling down, we should look at the brighter side of things! The second part of season 6 hasn’t been released yet so we can still look forward to new adventures with Bjorn and the whole crew.

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Vikings When They Air?

You can stream the new episodes through platforms such as, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. However, if you’re one of those who prefer watching it on television, History Channel should release the second half of season 6 there as well.

Not to worry, here’s the trailer for Vikings Season 6 just in case you need a quick refresher of what went down during the first half:

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