The Witcher Season 2 Release Date, Cast, & Plot

The Witcher Season 2 is coming to Netflix soon! Yes, you read that right!

The Witcher is an action-fantasy series based on a novel by Andrzej Sapkowski. Yes, it’s not based on the role-playing game of the same name but the novel did inspire the game too. Although Netflix hasn’t announced the official date of the season two release, the show’s cast members have been posting teasers hinting that production has already started.

Given the whole pandemic situation, we wouldn’t be surprised if filming has been put on hold even for The Witcher.

There has been rumors that filming stopped because four of the crew members tested positive and to contain it, they decided to just follow the COVID-19 protocols.

Plot of The Witcher Season 2

If you’ve forgotten what happened in The Witcher’s first season, here’s a trailer for you – to refresh your memory:

If you’ve noticed, season one was purely based on a set of short stories that happened before The Witcher Saga. This being a fact, we expect to see the first main installment entitled “Blood of Elves”.

We get to see more of Geralt and Ciri, definitely. Although we have a feeling that we would see how Ciri has grown stronger as hinted in this tweet by The Witcher’s official Twitter account.

The Cast of The Witcher Season 2

Of course, it’s no surprise that Henry Cavill will be returning for The Witcher Season 2 as Geralt of Rivia. Along with him, we are also going to see more of Freya Allan as Princess Ciri and Anya Chalotra will continue to play sorceress and Geralt’s love interest Yennefer.

There are rumors that we may be seeing Jodhi May this coming season as Queen Calanthe. Of course, who would ever forget Jaskier who is played by Joey Batey!?

According to showrunner Hissrich, Kim Bodnia would also be a part of The Witcher Season 2 and will be playing Vesemir – Geralt’s father figure.

So, When Will Be The Witcher Season 2 Be Released?

Although we wish that we could end the year with The Witcher Season 2, it’s most likely not going to happen. However, there is hope for us to see Geralt and all his gorgeousness next year.

Before having four crew members testing positive to the coronavirus, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich who is the showrunner of The Witcher said that they “don’t yet have a target launch date for season two past 2021.” She says that they also “don’t want to rush the product” as it “doesn’t benefit anyone.”

There is hope for us, though! Henry Cavill who plays our main protagonist Geralt of Rivia posted an image of himself in make-up after a long shoot. In the post, he revealed that all cast and crew undergo regular COVID-19 testing to keep them safe!

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of The Witcher When They Air?

Right now, you can watch older episodes of The Witcher on Netflix. However, you can also watch an in-depth journey of The Witcher and how the episodes were shot if you don’t feel like re-watching season one.

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