Lucifer’s Aimee Garcia Shares A Sneak Peek Of Season 5B’s Musical Episode

Lucifer production continues to grind as the highly anticipated second half of season 5 is set to return in early 2021. Series five, part 2 will feature a musical episode that will have fans’ favorite characters dancing and singing. Actress Aimee Garcia took to social media to share with us a behind-the-scenes preview at one of their dance rehearsals.

Garcia, who plays CSI Ella Lopez in the series, shared a video of her character’s dance choreography on Instagram. The footage shows her character doing a routine check on a possible murder victim. Then, she stands up and grooves to the tune of Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” along with professional dancers.

She wrote, “BTS dance rehearsal of #Lucifer musical episode. Shoutout to these incredible dancers who made sure we stretched & made us feel like rockstars.”

There are also cheerleaders present clutching their pom-poms while dancing. In fact, this appears as the same scene which fans were teased about last September for season 5B’s musical episode.

The short preview featured the cast dancing and singing to the same Queen track at a football field. Chloe Decker (Lauren German) even twerked at a surprised Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis).

Aside from the cheerleaders, there are football players dancing too. The only missing group from Garcia’s sneak peek is the band, who played their musical instruments on the bleachers.

Speaking with the actress, Garcia once revealed in an interview that she has some background in dancing. However, she confessed that she is bad at singing. In fact, one episode in part 2 freaked her out because she had to sing on stage. Thankfully, Ellis was there to support and encourage her.

What will happen in Lucifer Season 5B?

Details for Lucifer season 5 part 2 are still kept under wraps as of the moment. Nevertheless, God’s arrival on part 1 came out as a big surprise and a great cliffhanger for the season’s next half. As he finally enters the picture, viewers can expect season 5 part 2 to tackle more on Lucifer’s family drama.

Release date for the second part of the season has not been confirmed either. In the meantime, fans can re-watch Lucifer’s previous seasons on Netflix until the show eventually returns.

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