Friends Reunion Pushed Back To March 2021

Heads up Friends fans! The HBO Max’s much-awaited reunion has been pushed back to March 2021, according to star Matthew Perry. 

The Friends reunion was supposed to premiere the same time when HBO Max launched earlier this year. It would serve as one of the key selling items for the relatively new streaming service. The upcoming special will bring our favorite sitcom stars back together for an unscripted program on the show’s original set. It will be exclusively available on the platform, transferring services after a long stint on Netflix.

Friends reunion special is further delayed

Unfortunately, plans for the Friends special may take a little longer before eventually coming into life. Production was initially supposed to commence in March 2020, but got delayed to May due to the coronavirus pandemic. Soon after, HBO Max admitted the reunion wouldn’t be available just yet. Consequently, star David Schwimmer later said that filming might be able to take place in August. However, because of the ever changing nature of the pandemic, the special has been postponed indefinitely. On the good side though, Jennifer Aniston reassured fans that the reunion is still very much on. And because of that, it will surely be worth the wait.

More recently, Friends’ Perry has provided a new update on the reunion special. On a status posted on his Twitter account, he wrote, “Friends reunion being rescheduled for the beginning of March. Looks like we have a busy year coming up. And that’s the way I like it!”

This delay actually meant that a year had already passed between its supposed shoot and the time it truly begins. With the pandemic still ongoing, it is impossible to know how things will look months from now. 

While the long delay is likely disappointing for Friends fans, Perry seems to think the wait isn’t a bad thing. Moreover, the cast remains committed and excited about the Friends reunion, which should tide over any concerns fans have. After all, the reunion special is not the only project postponed several times this year. At this point, the public has become relatively used to waiting for new TV shows and movies to be released. Hopefully though, as Aniston promised, the special will turn out to be worth the numerous delays. 

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