Dexter Season 9 Release Date, Cast, & Plot

After a long time off our screens, Showtime finally announced that Dexter will be coming back for its ninth season.

When the series first aired in 2006, viewers became entranced from its first episode and wanted more of the show – us included.

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With an interesting plotline, a stellar assembly of cast members, there is no doubt that even after years, fans are still waiting for more.

Plot of Dexter Season 9

Dexter is about a young man who is a blood spatter analyst by day and turns into a killer vigilante who hunts down other killers at night.

The show’s eighth season ended with his colleagues thinking that Dexter died in a boat crash in an attempt to move on from his old life, to start a new on in Argentina. However, after a few scenes, it is revealed to us that he is very much alive and well…in Oregon.

We’re predicting that season nine will be a comparison between his previous and current life. Questions such as “Is Dexter still killing criminals during the night?” “Is he still a blood spatter analyst?” are the common ones that popped up in our heads when we found out about the upcoming release.

The Cast of Dexter Season 9

As for the cast, we cannot say much. However, we’re pretty sure that Michael C. Hall is coming back to play Dexter Morgan once again.

Hall did go on the record to say that he will be willing to return to the show if a reboot should be done. Guess what, folks? This is it!

Apart from him, we should be seeing David Zayas as Angel Batista and C.S. Lee as Vince Masuka. According to the showrunner, Jennifer Carpenter who played Debra Morgan may return for season nine. Even though her character died last season, we would be seeing her in flashbacks, dreams, or memories – if she decides to return.

So, When Will Be Dexter Season 9 Be Released?

We all know the this reboot has been in the works for quite some time now. Initially, the new season was supposed to air early next year but with the global pandemic going on, we’re not too sure now. Sources say that it will be pushed back to fall of 2021 which is not at all bad.

The important thing is that everyone of the cast members and crew are safe, right?

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Dexter When They Air?

Right now, the only platform we’re pretty sure will have Dexter Season 9 is Showtime. It is the show’s home network afterall.

However, if you’re up to binge-watch the previous seasons, you can stream through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, NOW TV, and YouTube TV.

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