Bosch Season 7 Release Date, Cast, & Plot

Amazon higher-up’s have confirmed Bosch Season 7 and we are more than excited.

If you want to know more about this, keep reading and maybe you’ll find out about the possible storylines, release dates, and cast. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Plot of Bosch Season 7

The show’s sixth season has just started airing on Amazon Prime Video but we should start accepting the fact that our favorite show would be bidding us farewell. Yes, he will most likely turn his badge in this time.

If you need a quick review of last season’s happenings, here’s the trailer:

We haven’t gotten any information on what’s going to happen on season seven. However, we would love to see more of what really happened to Avril because closure is key!

If season six was based on “The Overlook” and “Dark, Scared Night” by Michael Connelly, we are pretty curious on which book the last season will be based on.

The Cast of Bosch Season 7

There hasn’t been a confirmed list of cast members for season seven yet but hopefully, we get to see the main cast we have all grown to love throughout the years.

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Those are:

  • Jamie Hector, in the character of Detective II Jerry Edgar
  • Spear Reddick in the character of Irvin
  • Titus Welliver in the character of Harry Bosch
  • Amy Aquino, in the character of Lieutenant II Grace Billets
  • Madison Lintz in the character of Maddie
  • DaJaun Johnson in the character of Rondell Pierce
  • Troy Evans in the character of Detective Johnson

So, When Will Be Bosch Season 7 Be Released?

Last February, creators of the show announced that there will be a seventh season. However, an official date hasn’t been announced yet as to when production is going to end and a possible date of airing.

With the global pandemic going on, production for Bosch was stopped for about a week or so because of someone testing positive for coronavirus. Of course, that heavily affected things.

Don’t get too excited though because season seven is due to be Bosch’s final season which means goodbye’s should be set in place.

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Bosch When They Air?

Right now, you can watch all seasons of the show on Amazon Prime Video. Although it seems limiting, we are hoping that the creators start branching out to other streaming platforms and television networks.

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