Blue Bloods Season 11 Release Date, Cast & Plot

The last season of Blue Bloods was their 10th season and that means that they’ve been gracing our screens for quite a while now. This fact raises questions among fans like you and me and one of the bigger questions is “Is there going to be an eleventh season?”

The answer is a resounding yes.

Plot of Blue Bloods Season 11

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Blue Bloods Season 10 only contained 18 episodes and during that season, we found out a couple of things that may change the dynamics of the characters.

We found out that there’s another Reagan in town, who was found through a family tree project in school. In that project, we get to see a DNA link by the son of Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg and Sea (Andrew Terraciano). Hopefully, we get to see who the new addition to the Reagan clan.

Later in the show, Joe Reagan discovered that his son was actually Joe Hill and was invited to Sunday’s family dinner. We are all expecting to learn about this Joe this upcoming Blue Bloods Season 11.

In an interview, Blue Bloods’ managing producer let us in on a teeny tiny secret that would change his chemistry with the people he’s worked and associated with. Given that they usually have Sunday dinners as a family, should we expect a change in how they’re seated?

The Cast of Blue Bloods Season 11

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In all honesty, we are still not quite sure on which characters we will be seeing on Blue Bloods Season 11. For everyone’s information, here’s the list of cast for last season:

  • Donnie Wahlberg as Danny
  • Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan
  • Will Estes as Officer Jamie Reagan
  • Len Cariou as Commissioner Henry Reagan
  • Tom Selleck as Frank Xavier Reagan
  • Jennifer Esposito as Detective Jackie Curatola
  • Sami Gayle as Nicky Reagan Boyle
  • Amy Carlson as Linda Rose Reagan
  • Marisa Ramirez as Detective Maria Baez
  • Vanessa Ray as Eddie

So, When Will Blue Bloods Season 11 Be Released?

As of this moment, the only news that we have confirmed is that Blue Bloods will be having an eleventh season! However, we do not have a release date yet or any updates on the progress of the production. Rest assured that we will be updating this article as soon as we get updates!

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Blue Bloods When They Air?

Blue Bloods have been rerunning previous episodes from different seasons on CBS but if you’re into streaming sites instead of television, you can watch the show on CBS All Access or Hulu.

Do note that CBS All Access has all of the 10 seasons while Hulu only has seasons 1 to 9.

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