Yellowstone Season 4: Are John, Beth & Kayce Alive?

The season 3 finale of Yellowstone saw an explosive end to the show’s most followed characters.

Fans were shocked and were left wondering if their favorite Duttons are returning for the next season. Did they somehow manage to survive? Are John, Beth, and Kayce alive?

Yellowstone centers around the Dutton family and the drama and conflicts surrounding their Montana ranch. Kevin Costner stars as patriarch John Dutton, who along with his children Kayce (Luke Grimes), Beth (Kelly Reilly), and Jamie (Wes Bentley), does whatever it takes to protect their ranch and fortune.

Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator confirmed that season 4 is already underway despite the coronavirus pandemic. The filming for season 4 will take place in Darby, Hamilton, and Missoula areas.

Yellowstone Season 3 Finale Recap

Kayce Dutton


While on the phone with Monica, Kayce mentions his interest in running for the governor post of Montana. She understandably sighs on her husband’s new undertaking when gunshots were suddenly fired. Kayce pushed over his desk for cover.

A gunman entered his office and the scene stopped there. It is unclear if Kayce was facing more than one gunman.

Beth Dutton


Beth and her assistant were packing things up when a box arrived. The assistant proceeds to open it before Beth could even finish warning her not to. An explosion shortly followed, blowing out the windows of Beth’s office as traffic on the street swerved around. The aftermath inside her office was not shown though.

John Dutton


John was driving when he noticed a woman stranded on the side of the road. He went to help her and her young son fix their flat tire.

As he was finishing, a passing van stopped and rolled up. John thought they wanted to help, but told them that he has it covered. After seemingly confirming John’s identity, the back of the vehicle opened up showing a gunman inside. Then, they fired several shots toward John before hitting the young mother.

Are John, Beth, and Kayce still alive?

Kayce is a skilled soldier, he has the training necessary to take on more than one gunman. However, if there were more than one or a hit squad, Kayce may not be able to hold them off.

On the other hand, he is an integral character to Yellowstone. His story was just about to enter another chapter with the governor pitch. Season 4 might just be the time for his wildest career dreams.

As for Beth, the intensity of the explosion was so massive that it even caused traffic outside. However, the show purposefully avoided showing the aftermath. It is believable that there might have been enough distance between Beth and the bomb for her to survive. If she does, she might appear heavily injured for the next season.

Lastly, John was shot repeatedly and he was severely bleeding when season 3 ended. He went for his cellphone, but it was not working. It turns out, it had taken a critical bullet for him. If his cellphone spared him a deep wound, John could still survive, depending on when someone finds him.

Overall, it would be hard to conclude if these characters were done for good. It is up to the series’ creators to decide if the characters are worth more alive than dead. Until then, we will have to wait for season 4 to find the answers. In the meantime, you can re-watch the previous seasons on Peacock, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, or Vudu.

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