Riverdale Season 5 Confirms An Official Release Date

Looks like we don’t have to wait long before our favorite teen drama fix returns to our screens. The CW has officially announced a premiere date for the upcoming fifth season of Riverdale

In its official Instagram page, the network reveals the series to premiere on January 20, 2021.

The caption reads, “You can’t escape this town. Season 5 premieres Wednesday, January 20 on The CW! #Riverdale”

Riverdale season 5 will air on its home television network, the CW channel. While the show is confirmed to air on the said date for TV, the same cannot be said for Netflix. Whether the episode airs on the streaming platform shortly after its CW premiere or not remains unknown. Netflix hasn’t made any announcement so fans will have to wait and see.

What are the things we can look forward to in Riverdale season 5?

Things will certainly look different in the upcoming fifth season. Fans can anticipate a lot of surprises in store from its beloved show. From a seven-year time jump to a fresh new face joining the ensemble cast, this season looks very promising.

Insatiable star Erinn Westbrook joins the cast as Pop’s granddaughter Tabitha. She arrives in Riverdale to take over Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe with dreams of franchising the diner. Westbrook has expressed excitement over the news saying she is, “Looking forward to a fun ride! See you soon, Riverdale…”

On the other hand, the fifth season will also witness Skeet Ulrich depart his role as F.P. Jones. He previously confirmed his character’s exit in an Instagram live, admitting that he “got bored creatively.” 

He added, “I’m proud to have been part of such a talented group of people, in front of the camera and behind. But I’ve decided that it’s time for me to move on to explore other creative opportunities.”

Actress Marisol Nichols who plays Hermione Lodge in the series is also leaving. However, before officially departing, she says that she has to set some things right for her character. “Well, one of the things that was really important for me, if I was going to come back and wrap things up or do some more episodes, was that Hermione stick up for herself,” said Nichols. 

“I wanted to see her have some strength and some power and stand on her own two feet and not be stupid – for lack of a better word. So that was really important to me and Roberto honored that and I’m very happy about what I’m doing so far.”

Hiram Lodge actor, Mark Consuelos, also revealed some changes to happen with other characters. 

“Season five is graduation and then they’re going to jump cut seven years after a few episodes. Which was a decision not to stay in college. It completely foregoes the college time in the chronological order and just jumps cut. People are in their [adult] lives. Some people are in different relationships.”

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