Queen Of The South Season 5 Cast: Who Plays Who In The USA Network Show?

With a show like Queen of the South, there is literally a lot of moving involved. For one, characters come and go. In new seasons too, dramatic changes happen in the series’ setting. Most of all, Teresa is always juggling multiple threats to her drug empire and her life at any given time. As far as the characters for the upcoming season are concerned, it doesn’t seem like any of that will change. Who then is included in the cast of Queen of the South season 5?

In season 4, Teresa relocates her operations to New Orleans. After outsmarting corrupt local politicians and surpassing rival gangs, she finds herself grappling with a whirlwind of events. Just as she gains a moment to breathe, an old ally shows up to warn her of a forthcoming danger. The cliffhanger’s resolution may have to be delayed a little as season 5 has yet to resume production amid pandemic.

Who is in the cast of Queen of the South?

Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza

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Braga stars as Teresa Mendoza, who falls in love with a member of a drug cartel. After her boyfriend is murdered, she flees to the border of the United States. She then teams up with a person to take down the leader of the drug ring that is after her. As a result, she ends up starting her own drug cartel and becomes very wealthy.

Outside Queen of the South, Braga was the mentor in the film The New Mutants, released last August. She was also in the indie film Eduardo and Monica that was released back in March.

Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez

Teresa’s strongest ally, Madera plays Pote Galvez, a supportive business partner. 

Apart from Queen of the South, he hasn’t had any large roles. To date, his most notable role is playing the bodega owner Mr. Delmar in the MCU Spider-man films.

Justina Machado as Brenda Parra

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Brenda (Justina Machado) is the wife of a high-ranking transporter for the Vargas Cartel, and Teresa’s best friend. She was instrumental in season one for Teresa’s character development.

Her stint in the show may be short but that’s because she was busy killing it as Mama Penelope in One Day at a Time. She also had a recurring role on Jane the Virgin as well as Superstore.

Peter Gadiot as James Valdez

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Gadiot portrays James Valdez, Camila’s right-hand and Teresa’s love interest. After disappearing for a significant amount of time, he returns to warn Teresa of a possible danger. 

Gadiot previously did a small role in Velvet Buzzsaw, and a two episode arc on Supergirl. He also appeared as the mysterious genie Cyrus in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Alfonso Herrera as Javier Jimenez

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Javier (Alfonso Herrera) is a member of the Jimenez cartel and a mercenary willing to kill for the highest bidder. He becomes an ally of Teresa Mendoza in season 3.

Previously, Herrera had plenty of leading roles in Mexican TV before coming to American screens. Alongside the first two seasons of Queen of the South, Herrera starred in the The Exorcist series on Fox as one of the exorcists. He also appeared as Lito’s boyfriend on Sense8.

Molly Burnett as Kelly Anne Van Awken

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Burnett plays Kelly Anne Van Awken, a Dallas socialite who becomes part of Teresa’s inner circle.

Best known for her portrayal of Melanie Jonas on Days of Our Lives, Burnett received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination. She also had a temporary job as Kirsten Storms’ replacement on General Hospital.

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