Look: Lucifer Costume Designer Shares Behind-The-Scenes Of Season 6 Filming

Production for Lucifer season 6 kicked off early this month as soon as filming for season 5 wrapped up. With the threat of the coronavirus pandemic still lurking, safety measures and precautions are strictly implemented in the set. Joshua Coleman, the show’s costume designer, takes us behind the scenes and shares some video and photo.

Joshua reposted an Instagram story taken by cast member Aimee Garcia of himself in a covid-safe workspace he created. Wearing a face shield, mask, and medical gown he sat on top of a table covered by a plastic screen.

Instagram | @joshuastyle

“This is quite a quarantine setup here,” exclaimed by Aimee upon seeing Joshua’s makeshift station.

Instagram | @joshuastyle

He joked that he had created it himself and was still adding the finishing touches.

Referring to the unusual getup, Aimee commented, “I feel like we’re in space.”

Joshua also posted on Instagram a photo of stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German chatting on set last season.


He wrote, “Guess Who! I bet you can’t figure out who these two people are….okay, you probably already guessed that it’s laurengerman and @officialtomellis 😈 but you probably can’t guess what they are talking about! Make up a funny conversation for them.”

He further gave details about the current production saying, “our sets are chilly and cast members have the option for a hoodie or a long “dive coat” to wear if they get cold.” 

Lastly, he tipped the fans that the photo was taken at Kevin Alejandro‘s desk.

Kevin Alejandro plays Detective ‘Douche’ Dan in the series. Season 6 will witness Kevin stepping behind the camera as director, as he is set to direct the first episode.

Speaking about the opportunity, he says, “I’ve always been just the actor and that’s always been my first love and always will be my first true love and I love it, my passion and never thought that I would love anything as much until I discovered directing.”

“I’ve been really fortunate to have people champion me on that, you know, people on our show. For lack of a better pun, I got my wings on Lucifer!”

Lucifer Season 6 Plot and Release Date

Created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg, Lucifer tells the story of the original fallen angel. Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, he abandons his throne and spends time on Earth to better understand humanity.

Season 6 still lacks an official release date, but its production is currently underway. On the other hand, season 5 of the series is split into two parts, with its first half hitting Netflix back in August. It is still unknown when part 2 will be released.

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