Knightfall Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Knightfall is a fictional drama set in the 14th century and follows the final days of the Knight’s Templar, with the finale of season 2 airing on the 13th May 2019 fans are eagerly awaiting the release of season 3.

Our medieval hearts await the network’s decision on whether or not we will be seeing more of the Knights Templar.

Plot of Knightfall Season 3

The story of Knightfall Season 3 is expected to be about Pope Clement and his sudden shift. Along with that, we should also be seeing the Knight Templars next moves following the consequences of their previous moves and an epic battle is also expected to happen.

Knightfall Season 3

The Cast of Knightfall Season 3

There are no official announcements pertaining to who will be starring in Knightfall Season 3 but it is safe to assume that these following characters will be making appearances:

  • Tom Cullen as Landry Du Lauzon
  • Jim Carter as Pope Boniface VIII
  • Mark Hamill as Master Talus
  • Ed Stoppard as King Philip
  • Sarah Sofie Boussnina as Adelina
  • Pádraic Delaney as Gawain
  • Simon Merrells as Tancrède De Hauteville
  • Julian Ovenden as William De Nogaret
  • Tom Forbes as Prince Louis of France

So, When Will Knightfall Season 3 Be Released?

Even with Knightfall Season 1 not being as much as of a hit as creators expected in 2017, it was still renewed by The History Channel with the condition of having a different approach on the next season.

The second season aired in 2019 which means that if we are going with this pattern, Knightfall Season 3 should start airing in 2021. Of course, there have been delays – COVID-19 pandemic being one of them. In addition to that, the Knightfall Season 2 was not a smash either.

There have been rumors that Knightfall Season 3 has started production but was only halted because of the pandemic. However, everyone should remember that there have been no official announcements from the creators yet but let’s keep our flags waving for the Knights Templar, shall we?

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Knightfall When They Air?

Previous seasons of Knightfall can be streamed through Amazon Prime Video,, Netflix, and iFlix which means the newer episodes can also be expected to air through those platforms.

Gear up and be ready for the next battle of the Knight Templars by staying updated to the latest news on The Stake!

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