His Dark Materials Character Posters Released

The journey will resume pretty soon and the creators of His Dark Materials just dropped the character posters! Take a peek and see. The show’s gritty storyline has launched Philip Pullman’s career into the mainstream media even further and we are living for it.


If you haven’t discovered His Dark Materials, here’s a quick summary of the show:

Lyra is an orphan who is living in a world where science, theology, and magic are intertwined. She is on a journey to find out what happened to her friend who suddenly disappeared. As she is slowly uncovers things, she finds herself discovering a phenomena that involves children being stolen called Dust.

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Last October 13, 2020, the official Twitter account of His Dark Materials (@daemonsanddust) released a series of posters in lieu of the upcoming season. The fandom quickly reacted and expressed their thoughts, opinions, and admiration for the show along with the cast.

Lyra and Will

While we already know who Lyra is and what she is trying to do, it’s time we talk about her unique friendship with a boy named Will.

Will Parry is a character that was slightly introduced in His Dark Materials Season 1 but it’s not until this season that we get to discover more things about him. We have already established that he has no father figure and he’s currently looking after his mom. It’s on us to watch out for Easter Eggs that will tell us more of his background.

Mrs. Coulter and The Master

Mrs. Coulter is one of the biggest antagonists in both the series and the trilogy. She has manipulated and slept her way to power, leaving some collateral damage. That includes Marisa who is Lyra’s mother.

Lord Boreal is another one of the antagonists in His Dark Materials who was subtly introduced in Season 1 as he briefly discusses The Dust phenomena and The Gobblers. Things start to spin out of control when he bumps into Lyra, gives him a ride, and steals her truth-telling device.

Lee Scoresby and Colonel John Parry

Lee Scoresby is a Texan aeronaut who has been residing in New Denmark. He is one of Lyra’s biggest allies and would definitely give his life to save hers.

Just like his son Will, Colonel John Parry has also made a small appearance in His Dark Materials Season 1. A little bit of a spoiler here, John Parry or Jopari is set to play a huge role in uncovering the truth about The Subtle Knife – the exact instrument that can cut windows in between worlds, the exact instrument that this season was named after.

Ruta Skadi and Serafina Pekkala

Ruta Skadi is the witch queen of the Lake Lubana clan and a former lover of Lord Asriel. Not much is known about her upcoming role in His Dark Materials Season 2 but if we were to base it on the book, she is to form an alliance with another queen to fight The Holy Church in the war.

That other queen that Ruta Skadi forms an alliance with is Queen Serafina Pekkala of the Lake Enara witches. She was already introduced in one of the episodes of the previous season.

If you haven’t watched the trailer for His Dark Materials Season 2 yet, here it is:

Mark your calendars, everybody, because the second season of His Dark Materials is giving us an impression that it’s going to be more intense and packed with action.

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