Helstrom Season 2: Has The Hulu/Marvel Show Been Renewed?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has consistently delivered remarkable content in the film industry for the past 10 years. Plans for a number of TV series are also currently well underway. However, whether those plans include Hulu’s newly-released Helstrom or not is a question fans would like to get answers to. Will Helstrom return for season 2?

Helstrom, which is a standalone story in the MCU, tells the story of siblings Daimon and Ana Helstrom. Born to a mysterious and powerful father, the estranged brother and sister duo have been cursed with some special abilities. In order to hunt down the worst of humanity, the two must work together and set their differences aside.


Is there a season 2 for Helstrom?

As of time of writing, Helstrom has yet to receive the green light for season 2. Moreover, the possibility of the Helstrom siblings returning for another season remains elusive either.

It is due to the fact Marvel Television, the prime division responsible for the show’s creation, no longer exists. Marvel Studios, the reformed franchise for both films and TV series, decided to expand content creation instead via Disney+. If Helstrom has to survive, it would need a huge following for the production company behind it is now defunct.

Prior to its shutdown in December 2019, Marvel Television had laid a lineup of new dark series, including Ghost Rider. However, many of these projects were cancelled, with Helstrom being one of the lucky few to survive.

On the other hand, if Helstrom gets renewed for a sequel, you could expect the new season arriving around a year later. That is to say that a potential sophomore series could arrive in October 2021. Moreover, with the delays posed by the coronavirus pandemic, season 2 could likely arrive even at a later date.

On a positive note, Helstrom season 1 ended on a shocking cliffhanger which surely leads fans to call for more.

The season 1 finale sees the Helstrom siblings reunite and save their mother from the demon possessing her. Meanwhile, Ana’s business partner, Chris, has kidnapped Daimon and Gabriella’s newborn child. The whereabouts are unknown but it is believed to be brought to a mysterious figure who fans suspect is their father.

With more conflict brewing, the series concludes and fans are hoping to get closure from a potential second season.

Helstrom Season 1 premiered on October 16 and is currently available to stream now on Hulu.

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