The 10 Best Catfish Episodes – Which Episodes Had The Craziest Moments?

On the Internet, you never truly know the identity of the person you’re talking to. For MTV’s Catfish hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, they know this first hand. Throughout the 8 seasons and 154 episodes of the show, Catfish has truly earned its title as one of the most chaotic, unpredictable television shows out there to date. 

Nev and Max have traveled all over the country to help their subjects discover if the people they’ve been talking to online are really who they say they are. Along the way, the two encountered crazy scenarios that were completely unexpected. Here are the top 10 best and craziest episodes of Catfish.

10. Artis & Jess

Topping off our list of the best Catfish episodes is the story of Artis and Jess. Artis is a man who has been chatting with a woman named Jess, despite having a girlfriend who is also the mother of his child. But, Jess also had a boyfriend as well. Both Jess and Artis live roughly twenty minutes apart and have been chatting for six months, but they’ve never spoken on the phone. Plus, Jess only had one photo on her Facebook, immediately raising some red flags. 

As it turns out, “Jess” was actually the alias of a man named Justin trying to get revenge on cheaters online. According to him, he first created Jess’s profile for fun, but once he saw men in committed relationships started to emotionally cheat with her, he decided to use her profile to avenge all of the cheating that his loved ones have endured. 

Before assisting him, Nev and Max made sure to tell Artis that he’d need to end things with his girlfriend before moving any further. Once he does, Nev and Max reveal that “Jess” isn’t actually the person he’s been talking to. At the one-month check-in, Artis was in the midst of rekindling his relationship with the mother of his children, sparked by his openness about Jess. 

9. Derek & Annabelle

This next story is one between Derek and Annabelle that’s filled with betrayal. Before “meeting” Annabelle, Derek was recently left heartbroken by his long-time girlfriend. After a night out with his friends, Derek ended up snapchatting Annabelle, quickly falling head over heels for this mysterious girl. Things seemed to be going well, but of course, Annabelle refused to video chat or even talk on the phone with Derek, making him suspicious of her true identity.

After scouring the internet for answers and contacting Derek’s friends for information, Nev and Max discover that “Annabelle” is actually Derek’s friend, Becca. This was shocking, though, as Becca expressed that she had no romantic interest in Derek, and viewed him more as a brother than anything. In the end, Derek and Becca actually decided to date, giving the episode a happily ever after. 

8. Nick and Jasmine

In season 7, episode 18, Nev and Max set out to help Nick Didonato find out if the person he kissed during a blindfolded rendezvous is actually his online love, Jasmine, or if he’s being catfished. After the mysterious kiss, Nick ends up chatting with Jasmine online, assuming she’s the one that he kissed at the event. 

As it turns out, Nick had been catfished. “Jasmine” was actually a woman named Nicole, who used fake Snapchat photos to trick him about her appearance. According to the show, she invited Nick over, blindfolded him so he couldn’t see her, and kissed him while in the dark to fully hide her true identity. It’s an odd story to say the least, but in the end, Nick was able to forgive Nicole and they both moved on.

7. Open Investigation

Brace yourself, this next episode gets a little crazy. It all starts off when Paris Roxanne contacts Nev and Max for help with her potential catfishing situation. Before the episode back in 2012, Paris discovered she was being catfished by a guy who she thought was NBA player Chris Anderson.

As it turns out, Chris and Paris thought they were texting each other the entire time. Instead, they were both texting a catfish named Shelly Chartier, who set up fake profiles for the both of them. This chaotic episode is filled with lies and betrayal, and it’s one of the craziest ones that has aired to date.

6. Dylan and Savenia

In the finale of season 7, we meet Dylan, who is madly in love with his online interest, Savenia. Previously, Nev and Max received an email from Savenia a couple months before but when they contacted her back, the email bounced back. What makes this episode different, though, is that in her email, Savenia comes right out and admits that she has been catfishing Dylan, but that she really does care about him.

In Dylan’s email to Nev and Max, he explains that he is madly in love with Savenia, but she refuses to video call with him, which immediately raises some red flags. After searching her Facebook, Nev and Max find a mutual friend of Savenia’s named Colleen, and decide to question her. Colleen says that she hasn’t heard of Dylan before, but that her sister Riley is dating someone named Dylan. 

In the end, though, it actually ends up being Savenia, and she was only insecure because her online photos are enhanced to make her look better than she does in person. Three months after they met, Dylan and Savenia are still together, and even plan to move in with each other permanently. 

5. Gemini and Myranda

In this crazy episode of Catfish, Nev and Kamie learned that a Catfish can be caught twice. In the latest story of this Catfish, Nev and Kamie meet Gemini, who recently got into a relationship with Tatyanna. This time, it wasn’t her that gave Gemini trouble, but a trusted friend named Myranda. 

In the episode, Gemini mentioned that he met Myranda through Danielle, a mutual friend, but could never get Myranda to meet him in person. But, Gemini wasn’t suspicious, as Danielle reassured him that she was real, as she had claimed to have met Myranda in person. After further research, Nev and Kamie discovered that the photos that Gemini had of Danielle have actually been swiped from an Insta-model, and were not actually her, and this is where it got interesting.

After running Myranda’s phone number through a reverse-search system, Nev and Kamie discovered that it belonged to Ashley Taylor, who had previously confessed on the show to creating thousands of fake profiles online. Instead of dealing with Ashley by themselves, they decide to gather her friends and hold an intervention. After speaking with Ashley, Nev and Kamie seemed to have gotten through to her, as Ashley swore that she was “going to do some soul searching.”

4. Falesha and Jacqueline

Just when you think these episodes can’t get any crazier, they do. In this episode, Nev and Max were introduced to Falesha, who has been dealing with someone that has been stealing her photos and using them for six years. This catfish has been going by the name Jacqueline Linkwood, and has been making Falesha’s life miserable since high school.

Thanks to someone who has also been victimized by “Jacqueline”, they discovered that the person behind the alias is named Tracey. When Nev and Max got her on the phone, she seemed suspiciously excited, even thrilled, to be on the show. She admitted to them that she was proud of the pain she’s caused people, and was acting so strange that Max asked her if she was on drugs.

After chatting with Tracey’s mom, Tracey apologized to Falesha, and it seems that she’s put her catfishing days behind her. At least we hope.

3. Danny and Rosa

After so many bizarre episodes of Catfish, you’d think there wouldn’t be a scenario we haven’t seen yet. In this episode, though, that isn’t the case. In fact, this episode involves a previous catfish that has now been catfished himself. 

In an earlier season, a man named Jose catfished a man named Danny after posing as “Rosa” online. In this episode, Jose called for the help of Nev and Max in uncovering the real identity of his online love interest, Jay. What makes this even more wild is that he ends up being catfished thanks to another man named Jose. Crazy, right? In the end, it seems that both Joses have learned a valuable lesson: it’s never okay to catfish anyone.

2. Cherie & Avion

In this chaotic episode of Catfish, we were introduced to Cherie, a 26-year-old woman who was seeking clarity after a messy relationship with 29-year-old Avion Whitaker. Avion first reached out by texting Cherie after claiming that she’d sold him a tablet. According to Cherie, though, this wasn’t the case. Cherie said that Avion made their connection through a game in cat and mouse in which he’d give Cherie clues that she’d have to use to reveal his identity. Weird, but Cherie said she was into it.

Later in the episode, Nev received a call from Monica Whitaker, who revealed she was married to Avion. Monica also said that she’d previously caught her husband texting a woman named Cherie while using the alias “Avion” as well as fake photos to hide his true identity. Once “Avion” decided to meet Cherie, he ended up being revealed as an old friend of hers, Buddy, who was seeking revenge on her after she had previously owed him money. 

But while Buddy claimed Cherie was in debt to him, Cherie clarified that Buddy had paid her bills without her knowledge, arguing that she didn’t owe him a thing. In the end, Cherie and Buddy went back and forth about the topic, and decided to part ways. Based on the events that occurred, it doesn’t seem that reconciliation is on the table.

1. Lucille and Kidd Cole

Finishing our list of the best Catfish episodes is the story between Lucille and Kidd Cole, a music producer. Brace yourself, this episode gets increasingly more crazy as it goes on. The episode was so controversial it has even been removed from Hulu and is one of the only episodes you cannot currently stream!

At the start of the episode, Lucille explains that she has a little-brother-big-sister relationship with Kidd Cole. One day, Kidd Cole’s manager Miguel calls Lucille and scams her into buying a one-way-ticket pass to Kidd Cole’s birthday party as a special guest. 

Once Lucille discovers she was scammed, she becomes overwhelmed with anger and reaches out to Nev and Max. After further research, Nev and Max find a Facebook page all about Kidd Cole being a scam artist. Later on, Nev and Max discover that Kidd Cole is the alias of a man named Jerez. Naturally, Nev and Max arrange for a meetup between Lucille and Kidd Cole.

When the two meet, Nev acts out in a way never seen before on the show and takes Jerez’s phone and chucks it into the water. After Nev apologizes to Jerez, the meet up quickly comes to an end. Later on, Jerez agrees to meet again, where Nev and Max confront him about his thieving ways. In the end, Jerez apologizes and seems to have learned his lesson; at least we think so.

In one of the most shocking updates of the show, Jerez was later charged with eleven counts of making terroristic threats to bomb the DC Mass Transit system. He even threatened the President’s motorcade and called in something about a hostage situation. In the end, he was sentenced to 21 months in prison due to his false threats. It’s safe to say that Lucille definitely dodged a bullet with this one.

Seasons 1-7 of Catfish: The TV Show are available to stream on Hulu in the United States.

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