5 Reasons Why Schmidt Was The Best Roommate in New Girl

In a loft full of Nick, Schmidt, Jess, and Winston on New Girl, there is bound to be chaos. From Nick’s messy habits to Jess’s constant singing, each character on New Girl has quirks that make them a bad roommate.

Out of all of the characters, though, there is one that reigns supreme for the best roommate title: Schmidt. Here are 5 reasons why Schmidt was the best roommate in New Girl.

1. Schmidt was a Clean Freak

 Anyone who has lived with a roommate before knows that it can be quite irritating at times. From leaving dishes in the sink to refusing to take out the trash, messy roommates can make for high-tensions in the household. In Schmidt’s case, this was never an issue.

Since Schmidt was obsessed with keeping a spotless loft, he did most of the cleaning. In turn, this gave Winston, Nick, and Jess less responsibility around the loft.

2. Schmidt Shops for Groceries

One of Schmidt’s best qualities is that he’s financially responsible. Making life exceptionally easier for his other roommate, Schmidt did the grocery shopping for everyone. Not only that, but he also kept the budget under $100 each time. Is there anything this man can’t do?

3. Schmidt is a Wizard in the Kitchen

Not only does Schmidt do the cleaning, but he also does the cooking. While Nick, Jess, and Winston may have dabbled in the kitchen from time to time, it mostly ended with chaos and a poorly-made meal.

Schmidt was always in charge of the big family meals like Thanksgiving and taking on all of the responsibility to provide a meal that everyone loves.

4. Schmidt Was the Reason Jess Moved In

While he wasn’t directly responsible for Jess moving in, Schmidt did write the ad on Craigslist that ended up intriguing Jess’s interest. Although the advertisement may have made it seem like the loft was occupied by female roommates, he still made the effort to make the ad in the first place. Without Jess, life would’ve been less interesting for life in the loft. More importantly, Nick wouldn’t have met the love of his life without Schmidt’s help.

5. Schmidt is Financially Stable

From paying his bills on time to picking up the tab for his friends, Schmidt is the most financially stable roommate out of the bunch. In contrast, Nick doesn’t even have a bank account set up and even fails to pay his bills on time. Reasons like this only further support the claim that Schmidt was the best roommate.


In the end, just like any of the characters on the show, Schmidt does have his quirks. While he tends to overshare and constantly has to contribute to the douchebag jar, Schmidt does has many redeeming qualities that one desires in a roommate.

He cooks, he cleans, and he genuinely cares for his other roommates, making him the best of the bunch when it comes to their living situation.

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