Helstrom Canceled After Having Only 1 Season At Hulu


Helstrom has been canceled after having released one season for the Marvel series. Hulu shortly confirmed the news days after Disney announced plans for 10 new Marvel series for its streaming service. The show followed Damon (Tom Austen) and Ana Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon), siblings and children of a renowned serial killer, trying to track down … Read more

Helstrom Season 2: Has The Hulu/Marvel Show Been Renewed?

Has Helstrom Been Renewed for Season 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has consistently delivered remarkable content in the film industry for the past 10 years. Plans for a number of TV series are also currently well underway. However, whether those plans include Hulu’s newly-released Helstrom or not is a question fans would like to get answers to. Will Helstrom return for season … Read more

Hulu’s Helstrom Cast – Who Plays Who & What Else Have They Been In?

Helstrom Cast

Halloween’s just around the corner, and it’s just about time for creators to showcase their spooky content. For Hulu, that means releasing their latest collaboration with Marvel Studios, Helstrom, a web television series. While the show looks promising, viewers are curious on who the characters will be in this much-awaited action thriller. Who plays who … Read more

Helstrom Release Date, Cast and Trailer For The Hulu Original

Tom Austen & Sydney Lemmon in Helstrom

Hulu teams up with Marvel to unveil its latest television series, Helstrom. This Marvel Cinematic Universe project appears to be darker and grimmer than the usual MCU offerings that we see. It is set to premiere this October, but when exactly is its release date? Helstrom is an upcoming web television series based on Marvel … Read more

Helstrom Trailer Drops – Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon Fight Darkness On Hulu

Tom Austen & Sydney Lemmon in Helstrom Season 1

The full-length trailer for Hulu Original – Helstrom was released on Wednesday (September 23) and saw Tom Austen (Misfts, The Royals) and Sydney Lemmon (Succession, Velvet Buzzsaw) take on a range of dark and ominous forces, starting with their mother! What is Helstrom About? The official synopsis is as follows “As the son and daughter … Read more