Star Trek: Discovery Celebrates Pride In Its Latest Episode, Debuts Its First Non-binary Actor

Blu del Barrio stars as Adira

Star Trek: Discovery creates history in the genderqueer community in its latest episode, as a new character enters the series. Newcomer Blu del Barrio makes an exciting debut as Adira, the show’s first non-binary actor.  Episode 3 sees the Discovery journey to Earth to learn how the Federation turned out after all those centuries ago. … Read more

What Timeline Is Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 in?

Sonequa Martin-Green and David Ajala in Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 recently premiered with Michael Burnham’s arrival into the far future. The timeline reveals she jumped over 900 years later from when she left. Star Trek: Discovery originally kicks off in 2256, ten years before the events of Star Trek: The Original Series. With the miscalculated time jump into the future … Read more

Star Trek Discovery – Why Do The Klingons Look Different?

Star Trek: Discovery 3 is almost here and we just got a better look at what the new series will be. Just about a week before its release, CBS All Access reveals its opening clip for the season. Among the controversial things discussed about the show was its physical adaptation of the iconic Kligons. What … Read more