Is The Cast Of The Boys In The Band Movie The Same As The Broadway Show?

The Cast of The Boys In The Band Play & Movie

Netflix’s The Boys in the Band is a poignant yet powerful adaptation of the 2018 critically-acclaimed Broadway play. It recently premiered worldwide last September 30 on the streaming site. While the film based its storyline on the said play, did it also adapt the same cast of the show? Created by Mart Crowley, The Boys … Read more

Is ‘The Boys In The Band’ Based On A Play?

The Boys In The Band based on play

The pioneering gay drama, The Boys In The Band, is now a Netflix film which premiered on September 30. It featured some of today’s biggest queer stars whose prominent works mostly came from theater and Broadway. That being said, is The Boys In The Band be based on a play too?  The Boys In The … Read more

The Boys In The Band Cast: Who Is In The Cast and Why Do They Look Familiar?

The Boys In The Band Cast

The film version of the award-winning LGBTQ+ revival play arrives on Netflix this September 30. The Boys In The Band features the biggest queer stars of today’s generation, but who exactly appears in the film? Read on to know more about the cast, including who they’re playing and where you might have seen them before. … Read more