Steve From “Blue’s Clues” Just Made His First-Ever TikTok

It hasn’t been long since Steve Burns from “Blue’s Clues” delivered a heartfelt message to fans 25 years later after his exit from the show. If there’s one thing we all took from the emotional video, it’s that Steve has never forgotten us.

While we all assumed that’d be the last we’d see of Steve, fans were surprised to see the beloved star join TikTok (@hioutthereitsmesteve), raking in over 730,000 followers and 1.6 million likes with just two videos posted so far.

In his first video on the platform, Steve revealed that he’s, ironically, clueless when it comes to TikTok.

“Hi out there, it’s me, Steve. I don’t … know how to use TikTok, at all,” Steve said, “I kind of don’t know what it is, if you could tell me in the comments or something, thank you.”


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Almost immediately, fans flooded his comments with their reactions, seeming to be overjoyed at his arrival to TikTok.

“You coming back was what a lot of us didn’t know we needed,” one fan wrote, while another said, “Steve being back is the greatest gift of 2021.”

The video garnered over 5 million views with 1.1 million likes in just one day since it’s been posted. It’s hard to tell what else Steve will do with his TikTok, but for now, we can just watch his two wholesome videos on repeat, enjoying the fact that Steve is back again.