Beyoncé Blesses Jay-Z With a Follow on Instagram

If there’s anyone as iconic on Instagram as Beyoncé, it’s her husband, Jay-Z. The 51-year-old rapper joined the platform for the first time yesterday, immediately raking in 2 million followers in a matter of hours.

Beyoncé hasn’t followed anyone since the start of her account in 2012, making Jay-Z the first. The couple seems to be keeping it in the family, as they only follow each other on the ‘Gram. Jay-Z’s first and only post is dedicated to promoting “The Harder They Fall”, an upcoming movie that he served as a producer on.

The film hit theaters weeks ago but will finally debut on Netflix tomorrow starting at midnight PST. The rapper even utilized Instagram’s story tool for the first time. In order to further promote the movie, Beyoncé shared her husband’s story with her 216 million followers on her Instagram story.

It’s safe to stay fans of the iconic duo are excited and surprised by Jay-Z’s account creation.