Will Smith’s ‘Will From Home’ Now on its Second Season

Will Smith has created a quarantine series of his own called “Will From Home.” Because of its immense success, it’s coming back with a second season.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star will be focusing on uplifting stories of American heroes for the second season of his Snapchat series.


“Will From Home” is exclusively available on Snapchat. Season 2 will have ten episodes including the holiday editions and is set to launch on December 14, 2020.

The series’ first season was produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s Westbrook Media, which premiered last April.

According to Snapchat, the first season of “Will From Home” has been one of the platform’s most popular originals, raking in more than 35 million app users.

In the upcoming season, Will Smith will be surprising people all over the country who are being recognized for their selflessness and bravery.

Some of the people that Smith will be paying a visit are:

  • Sonja Frazier – a Taco Bell employee who saved a man’s life
  • Willie Ray – an Iowa-based chef and restaurant owner who gives out free meals in his community especially to those who were affected by a major windstorm
  • Aaron Moreno – an 8-year old who sells plants to help and reunite his family.

On Season 2, Will Smith will also bring along some of his celebrity friends such as Alicia Keys, DJ Khaled, Jason Derulo, Lil Nas X, Liza Koshy, Ludacris, and Master P.

In an official statement from Brad Haugen, the president of Westbrook Media, “we have experienced many challenges this year, but Season 2 of ‘Will From Home’ is an incredible reminder of the power that we as individuals have to better the lives of those around us.”

Will isn’t the only Smith who’s having a partnership with Snapchat. Jaden Smith will be having his racial and social-justice series entitled “The Solution Committee.” It highlights young activists and tells the audience about the work they do for their communities.

Westbrook Media is the sister company of Westbrook Inc. which is a media company found by Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Miguel Melendez and Ko Yada.

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