Doctor Strange 2: Rachel McAdam’s Night Nurse Returns

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, franchise’s second installment, will feature the return of Rachel McAdams’ Night Nurse. After much speculation, Deadline confirms that Rachel McAdams will be reprising her role as Dr. Christine Palmer in the sequel. Benedict Cumberbatch also returns to play the titular role in the follow-up, which will be helmed by Director Sam Raimi.

The confirmation meant good news for fans of the superhero film, who hope Marvel fixes a major problem from its first outing. In the 1970s, Marvel launched a series called Night Nurse, a medical romantic drama based on the comics of the same name written by Jean Thomas. Although Night Nurse didn’t last long, it proved influential that Daredevil’s character Claire Temple was inspired by the comic lore. Moreover, Night Nurse’s Christine Palmer is also Rachel McAdam’s Christine Palmer in Marvel 2016’s Doctor Strange. In the film, her version of the Night Nurse transformed into a love interest for the future Sorcerer Supreme. 

However, McAdam’s Christine Palmer suffered from an unfortunate familiar Marvel problem. Many believed that she merely became a love interest who was barely developed as a character. She also seemed an awkward fit for the increasing mysticism of Doctor Strange’s world. 

Now, it has been confirmed that Rachel McAdams will be returning in Doctor Strange 2. Fans hope that Marvel takes this one as a perfect opportunity to fix their previous mistake. The studio needs to showcase Night Nurse as a person in her own right, with a life beyond Stephen Strange. In addition, an actress as brilliant as McAdams deserves to have a major role in the MCU. Rather existing as a background character or disposable love interest, viewers expect a more celebrated role than what she was previously.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: What else do we know?

Plot details remain unknown at this time and so is how big McAdams’ role will be in the movie. Back in 2016, disappointed fans compared Marvel’s use of McAdams with that of Natalie Portman, who played Jane Foster in the Thor movies. On the other hand, it is worth noting that Portman is returning to Marvel too in Thor: Love & Thunder. Marvel might be redeeming that situation by turning Jane Foster into the Mighty Thor. Hopefully they will be able to redeem McAdams’ Christine Palmer as well.

Benedict Cumberbatch reprises his role for the movie as the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. Currently, he is filming a significant role in the untitled third Spider-Man film. Hence, production for Doctor Strange 2 will begin after he finishes shooting for said project. Elizabeth Olsen also co-stars in the sequel as Scarlet Witch, filming straight into the movie right after wrapping up WandaVision on Disney+.

Doctor Strange 2 was initially scheduled to be released in 2021 after the release of WandaVision on Disney+. The limited series kicks off the MCU Phase 4, leading directly into the story of the big screen sequel. However, due the ongoing pandemic, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness moved its premiere on March 25, 2022.

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