The Weeknd Isn’t Done Slamming the Grammys Just Yet

This year, The Weeknd produced hits which is why it was a shock to all of us, especially him, when he didn’t get a Grammy nomination.

Twitter / @RecordingAcad

Of course, he took his frustrations out on social media last Tuesday.

According to sources, his team and Grammy organizers assumed that The Weeknd would be one of this year’s biggest nominees and were in the talks regarding his performance on the show. However, things took a turn when he was also offered the Super Bowl halftime spot which happens a week after the Grammys.

The discussions were long and contentious but concluded with him performing on both shows.

Only to find out on Tuesday morning that he had received zero nominations which pretty much cancelled his performance.

Anyone would be upset after spending hours discussing a performance in one of show business’ biggest nights. It would also be weird if The Weeknd performs regardless of not being nominated.

Here another one of The Weeknd’s tweets, you can clearly see how upset he is.

What’s your stand on this?

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