Nina Dobrev Starts Production on Netflix Comedy “Love Hard”

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev recently posted a photo to Instagram of her on the set of her latest movie ‘Love Hard’. Here’s everything we know about the Netflix film.

With all the things that has been going on, it’s a good decision that Netflix acquired the rights to “Love Hard”. The movie was written by Danny Mackey and Rebecca Ewing. Rumors say that this romantic-comedy is a blend between “When Harry Met Sally” and “Roxanne”.

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Just yesterday, the Vampire Diaries star, posted a picture on Instagram (@nina) of her sitting in a chair of what seems to be on the production set of the movie. Nina, wearing a green jacket and a backpack has recently emerged from being quarantined for 14 days which was a prerequisite for all cast members before entering the ‘bubble’ of the set.

Plot of Love Hard

“Love Hard” is a movie about an LA girl who finds an East Coast guy through a dating app and falls in love with him. She decides that since it is Christmas, she should surprise him.

She finally gets to the guy’s place and quickly finds out that she has been catfished and the guy she has been hardcore crushing on has been living in the same town as her the whole time!

The Cast of Love Hard

Nina Dobrev

  • Nina Dobrev who is famous for starring in The Vampire Diaries, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Finals Girls.

Jimmy O. Yang

  • Jimmy O. Yang who is famous for starring in Fantasy Island, Crazy Rich Asians and Silicon Valley

Charles Melton

  • Charles Melton who is famous for starring in Riverdale, The Sun Is Also a Star & Bad Boys for Life
DFree /

‘Love Hard’ will be directed by Hernan Jimenez, a Costa Rican filmmaker who last directed ‘Elsewhere’ (Parker Posey, Ken Jeong). There is no official release date but fans can hope for the movie to appear on Netflix in 2021.

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