Lizzo Talks Empowerment and Voting During the BBMAs

Lizzo in a black dress
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Known for her vocal prowess and incredible flute-playing skills, there is no doubt why Lizzo won this year’s Billboard Music Awards as the Top Song Sales Artist. If you have been following Lizzo on any social media platform, then you would also know that she does not bite her tongue about anything! Whether it be body positivity, sexism, racism, politics, or just people hating on her, Lizzo is not afraid to speak up and tell the world what she thinks.

In Lizzo’s Instagram (@lizzobeeating), she often talks about how being bullied for being fat and of color affected her. The take-away from any of her body positivity post is to love your body because that’s the only one you are going to be having.

About a week ago, Lizzo made an iconic speech in this year’s Billboard Music Awards and she made sure to tell everyone tuned in to never let anyone suppress your voice. She said that the moment you are being suppressed by someone is the same moment those people realize that you have power. Lizzo encouraged everyone tuned in to use their power, to never let anyone suppress their voice, and to take advantage of their right to vote.

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REFUSE TO BE SUPPRESSED. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 Thank you @bbmas and my entire team. Glam @marko_monroe @iwantalexx @theshelbyswain @csiriano @lorraineschwartz

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Clad in a beautiful black cocktail dress with “VOTE” all over, Queen Juicy herself, Lizzo, sure knows how to make her statement. Come thru!

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