Lizzo is Tired of Being an Activist – Letterman Interview

Everyone knows who Lizzo is, even those who live under rocks! A few days ago, she had a visitor in her home and it was the iconic David Letterman.

In this episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, we witness a change in setting. Compared to filming it in a studio, in front of a live audience, the show seemed to take a step back – and for the better. Sporting a casual sweater that matches his long beard, David Letterman discussed with Queen Juicy herself, Lizzo, about her life, her music, and what she stands for.

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Lizzo tells Letterman about how she was able to rise to fame and how that took a very long time, being part of different girl groups, previous jobs.

Previously, we shared an article about Lizzo’s BBMA acceptance speech so by now, everyone who knows Lizzo is also aware of how vocal she is about her stand on racism, body shaming, and political incompetence. She shares a short clip of her statement on these issues on her Instagram page (@lizzobeeating).

To cap things off, here is a picture of Lizzo and David Letterman with their bedazzled face masks.

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