Joey King gave an extraordinary performance in The Lie, even if she’s terrified of horror films

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Joey King is one of the biggest up and coming stars of her generation. Starring in projects like The Kissing Booth franchise, The Act, and many more have only pushed Joey King’s star higher since she started acting in commercials when she was just 4 years old.

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In one interview, Joey King was asked what drew her to The Lie and she says that the element that really got her attention was how people are placed in horrifying situations that test their fears and levels of comfort. Although this wasn’t her first rodeo into the horror genre since she played Wren in the 2018 movie, Slenderman.

Slender Man (2018)

The Lie is a 2018 psychological thriller that stars Joey King and Peter Sarsgaard. It’s about a father and daughter who was supposedly on their way to a dance camp when they see Kayla (Joey King)’s best friend on the side of the road. Initially, they don’t think much of it but as the movie progresses, their decision of picking her up maybe their worst decision yet.

See why Joey King found the plot of The Lie one of her most daring projects to date and watch it on Amazon Prime.

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