Demi Lovato is embarrased of Max Ehrich

Again, releasing a new song or single after a break up can be messy, especially if you are a celebrity.

The relationship of ex-Disney star Demi Lovato and The Young and The Restless star Max Ehrich went just as fast as when they got together!

Demi Lovato revealed in an interview that is she is ashamed of how Max Ehrich has been spreading rumors about her and their previous relationship. Claims like Ehrich did not know that they were over until he found out through a tabloid source and how it was petty of Lovato to release a single about their previous relationship.

If you do not know who Max Ehrich is, he starred in The Young and The Restless, American Princess, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, and had a few episodes in Shake It Up starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya.

Okay, the weird part about this was Max Ehrich got mad at Demi Lovato for releasing a breakup song after their split but did the same a few days ago. Is he just mad because Lovato was able to put hers out there earlier or?

This was Demi Lovato’s song entitled “Still Have Me” that was inspired by their split which premiered last October 2:

And this is Max Ehrich’s song entitled “Afraid” which premiered last Friday:

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