Bella Hadid is not dating Jack Nicholson’s grandson, Duke

Gigi Hadid’s younger supermodel sister, Bella, has made quite a name for herself – inside or outside of the industry. Some aspects of her social life also weren’t able to be kept a secret because of the fame she has managed to collect throughout the years.

Since she split with Abel or commonly known as the frontman of The Weeknd in August of 2019. According to our sources that going their separate ways was a mutual decision from the two especially because they are in different places and mindsets. However, the two were seen getting cozier than a pair whose relationship just ended again a month after.

After quite some time, the supermodel Bella Hadid was rumoured to be getting up close and personal with Jack Nicholson’s grandson, Duke. He definitely takes after his grandfather’s looks and charm to be able to get someone like Bella.

Wait, Does Everyone Know Who Duke Nicholson Is Except Me?
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Some fans are saying that Duke and Bella went off on a secret romantic trip for her 24th birthday. However, it looks like the two didn’t as we don’t see Duke in any of the snaps that were posted by Bella.

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