Bella Hadid Strips Off To Get 3D scan for Mugler Fashion Show

One of the biggest names right now, Bella Hadid (@bellhadid), stripped down to nothing but a white thong and went for a three-dimensional scan for a Mugler show.

Bella Hadid showed what went on during the scan. She showed off her stunning and enviable figure in a series of pictures and videos on the social media platform.

Her beauty has captivated the hearts of millions and has broken the hearts of a few. Although we still do not know who Bella Hadid is dating, we are pretty sure that she is incredibly busy with her career and being an aunt to Gigi Hadid’s baby.

In the first photo, Bella Hadid shows that her body is just as stunning as her body in picture she snapped of a front view screen of a camera. Her abs are perfectly sculpted while one of her breasts is covered by a black heart emoji. To match the bare minimum clothing, she also had her hair slicked back and tied in a ponytail.

Once you swipe left, you get to see a short video clip of her inside a gray metal booth with lights and cameras surrounding her. Bella Hadid had her arms spread to the sides and she remained still for the ongoing scan. At the end of the clip, she is seen to let out a brief yell for joy and relief.

The third slide of the post is a 3-D rendering of her body.

The last clip of the post shows what seems to be a video conference call as the camera pans to the right and shows the empty booth.

As of writing, the post has gone viral and has gained over 1.3 million likes with over 3,000 comments.

Here’s the final cut for Bella Hadid’s Mugler project:

On the first slide, Bella Hadid is shown to be a winged centaur that came to life from being a statue. She reveals a golden chest piece as her transformation comes to fruition and takes off! The second slide shows multiple Bella Hadid’s strutting as if they are ready to conquer the world.

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