Victoria Pedretti – Who Is She & What Else Has She Been In?

If you’ve seen the second season of the popular Netflix series, You, it’s likely that the name Victoria Pedretti sounds familiar to you. If her name doesn’t ring a bell, you might know her better as her starring role as Joe’s newest love interest, Love. 

Even if you recognize her from her character, you may still be left wondering: Who is Victoria Pedretti? From what else she’s been in to what’s next for her, here’s everything you need to know about Victoria Pedretti.

Who is Victoria Pedretti?

This American actress was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 23rd, 1995, making her 25-years-old. Pedretti started her acting studies at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, which is a part of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Later in 2017, Pedretti received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the same university and received her first big role in a television series that same year. The role she played was as Eleanor “Nell” Crain in the hit Netflix horror series, The Haunting of the Hill House.

What Movies Has Victoria Pedretti Been In?

Victoria Pedretti’s history in the acting career isn’t extremely lengthy, but it’s pretty impressive for the short time that she’s been in the limelight. As for the movies that Pedretti has had roles in, she has played in larger films such as Katherine in Shirley and Lulu in Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood. She’s also been cast in short films, as she played Edie in Uncovering Eden and had a role in Sole.

What’s Next?

Currently, Pedretti is being kept busy with her starring role as Dani Clayton in Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor. This series is a new installment of the show The Haunting of the Hill House, and is set to release on October 9th, 2020. As for what’s next for the star, we predict that she’ll be appearing in many more movies and TV series to come.

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