Katherine Langford – Who Is She & What Else Has She Been In?

Seen in hits such as 13 Reasons Why, Knives Out and Love, Simon, Katherine Langford has certainly been in the spotlight as of late. From starring in smaller, independent films to more well-known features, Langford has been a popular casting choice for quite some time now.

While you’re likely to see Langford in popular movies and TV shows currently, it’s likely that this is just the beginning for her time in the limelight. So, just who is Katherine Langford and what else has she been in? Here’s everything you need to know about the 24-year-old Australian acctress.

Who Is Katherine Langford?

Katherine Langford was born in Perth, Australia on April 29th, 1996, making her 24-years-old. You may recognize her last name from Josephine Langford, who is also an actress. Acting isn’t Katherine’s only talent, though, as she was her school’s swim team captain and even a nationally-ranked swimmer.

Langford is most notable for her portrayal of Hannah Baker in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, and has received huge critical acclaim for it. She was even nominated for a Golden Globe in 2018 for the best performance by an actress in a television series in the drama category.

What Movies Has Katherine Langford Been In?

While her role in 13 Reasons Why skyrocketed her acting career, Langford has had other notable roles in movies as well. Some of these roles include playing Leah in Love, Simon, Vesna in The Misguided, and Meg Thrombey in Knives Out. Plus, you can see her play Mara Carlyle in an upcoming comedy sci-fi film, Spontaneous, which is set to release in October 2020.

Besides these mainstream movies that the star has been cast in, Langford has also had roles in smaller, independent films such as playing Ruby in Imperfect Quadrant, Scarlett in Daughter, and Miss Reflection in Story of Miss Oxygen.

What Television Shows Has Katherine Langford Been In?

As for Katherine’s roles in television shows, there are only a few roles she’s had, but they’re definitely worth mentioning she had important roles in popular TV series. Langford’s played Nimue in Cursed, Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why, and has even voiced Steffy, Wife, and Bride in Robot Chicken.

What’s Next?

With Katherine Langford’s recent time spent in the limelight, we predict that the star will be appearing in many more movies and TV series to come. Currently, it seems that she’s enjoying where she’s currently at, and with all of her recent success, we can’t blame her. Recently, Katherine posted this photo to her Instagram, reflecting on what the past year has brought her and feeling grateful for it all.


For her most recent project, she’s taken on a starring role in the TV Series Cursed, so she’ll likely be kept busy for quite some time. But, we wouldn’t be surprised if the star pops up in other projects in the meantime.

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