Ed Sheeran Does Not Disappoint in “Tiny Desk” Performance

NPR’s “Tiny Desk (Home) Concert” series has featured performances by many big-name stars like Camila Cabello, J Balvin, Migos, and now, Ed Sheeran. Backed by a host of world-class musicians, Sheeran performed a mix of his greatest hits along with his latest singles, “Shivers” and “Bad Habits”. The “Tiny Desk” concert showcased Ed Sheeran in … Read more

Megan Thee Stallion is About to Become a Real Hot Girl Scholar

Megan Thee Stallion’s college education is coming to a close, as the star is set to graduate in just a few months. Megan has been balancing being a student and a rapper for years now, as she’s studied health administration through online classes at Texas Southern University. Megan, 25, recently took to Twitter to share … Read more

Netflix Turns Up the Heat With Upcoming “Jonas Brothers Family Roast”

On Nov. 23, the world will see the Jonas Brothers like we’ve never seen them before: roasted. Netflix’s first-ever “family roast” special, “Jonas Brothers Family Roast”, will have the famous family burnin’ up right before our eyes as they become the butt of every joke. The hour-long special won’t just star the JoBros, though, as … Read more

Ed Sheeran Tests Positive for COVID-19

Hours after NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” unveiled Ed Sheeran as an upcoming musical guest, the singer-songwriter shared an even bigger surprise: he tested positive for COVID-19. In a recent Instagram post, Sheeran shared that he’s begun self-isolating, but will have to cancel any upcoming in-person commitments he’s made. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the star will … Read more

James Michael Tyler, Who Played Gunther on “Friends”, Dies at 59

James Michael Tyler, who was best known for his role as Gunter on “Friends”, died Sunday morning from prostate cancer at 59 years old. Tyler received his cancer diagnosis in 2018 and shared an update on the “Today” show over the summer. “I’ve been dealing with that diagnosis for almost the past three years,” Tyler … Read more

Here’s Why JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew Have Officially Split Up

After less than 1 year of dating, JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew have gone their separate ways. Due to Siwa’s growing friendship with her “Dancing with the Stars” partner Jenna Johnson, fans have speculated about the breakup for weeks up until the official announcement. The two reportedly split about two weeks ago, as JoJo Siwa … Read more

See Why the Internet is Totally Swooning Over Will Poulter

Apparently, it’s been a while since the public has seen Will Poulter, as he’s recently been making headlines for his new role as Adam Warlock in MCU’S “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” as well as his incredible glow-up. Poulter, 28, has worked in the film and television industry for 15 years, starring in projects … Read more

No Thanks: Jamie Lynn Spears Rejected by Mental Health Charity

It’s not often that you see a charity decline a donation, but an exception was made for Jamie Lynn Spears. Spears was originally planning to donate the proceeds of her upcoming memoir to a mental health organization, This is My Brave, but was blindsided by rejection shortly after. When Spears announced the release of her … Read more

The Shocking Reason Billy Porter and Harry Styles Have Beef

Although it’s been almost a year since Harry Styles became the first man to be on the cover of American Vogue, some haven’t forgotten about it, including Billy Porter. Styles not only broke history in his feature with the magazine, but he did so wearing a full-length dress, symbolizing a new era of men’s fashion. … Read more