The Rising of the Shield Hero Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See

With the new season of The Rising of the Shield Hero set to air mid-2021, the fandom’s waiting game has gotten intense. Some are busy making up theories on what will happen on the show while the others are trying their best to be as patient as they can be.

Aneko Yusagi/Kadokawa

In an attempt to keep all of you, the fans, appeased, we scoured through the Twitterverse and Instagram world for 10 amazing fan art.

10. Naofumi Iwatani

To start this list off, we have an artwork of Naofumi Iwatani made by (@wil.renxiroa).

9. Raphtalia X Among Us

This The Rising of the Shielf Hero, Among Us cross-over fan art is made by (@sheepies_art).

8. Pink Raphtalia

And to put everything into color, we have this illustration of Raphtalia. Made by (@spookyteke).

7. Raphtalia Scene

You know a scene hit you hard when you redraw it. This is made by (@VisionSkyX1).

6. Filo & Naofumi

No matter how serious Naofumi is, it’s different when he has Filo on his shoulders. This is made by (@TheModryn).

5. Adult Raphtalia

Just give her the adult meal and maybe throw in an upsize for her drink before Raphtalia gets mad! This cute illustration was made by (@ritsuko_o).

4. Smug Naofumi

This is the expression of a guy who just won a fight. Right, Naofumi? For our top 4, we have a fan art made by (@ArtofShahar) and (@Krita_Painting).

3. Filo

Filo’s level of cute when she’s a bird turns into a different level of pretty when she’s not. Thank you, (@smallpotatoesillu), for gracing our top 3 spot with this The Rising of the Shield Hero fan art.

2. Feels for Young Raphtalia

(@lunaticmoonart) has shown us that making art with feelings can be cathartic and beautiful.

1. The Empress

If you have seen our previous articles on fan art, you might have seen a few of (@artofdavidloebman)’s anime-inspired tarot deck. The Empress card features Melty & Mirellia.

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