Overlord Season 4 Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See

Overlord is about a character’s journey inside a video game that is trying to take over his world.

While we’re all waiting for the new season, let’s look at some artwork created by fans.

10. 8-Bit Awesomeness


Because the series revolves around a character being stuck in a video game, it makes sense to have fan art like this. Thank you, @zyonchito, for this Overlord fan art!

9. Koikatu


Koikatu looks great in this artwork. This Overlord fan art by Akasha.Holic (@sakray314) looks like it’s in a box, like a doll.

8. Albedo

Overlord has characters that are just oozing with appeal. This Redstrife X (@SoulEaterX20) piece proves just that with Albedo.

7.Shalltear Bloodfallen

This is another Overlord fan art made by Redstrife X (@SoulEaterX20) but this time, he featured Shalltear.

6. Cute Shalltear

For a character so intense, this Shalltear portrait made by Valkyrique (@valkyrique) makes her seem soft and gentle.

5. Albedo Beauty Shot

P.Cosm (@cosm_p) did a very great job in capturing everything that makes Albedo beautiful.

4. Ainz-sama


Who knew Ainz could look adorable? Ghosttkei (@ghosttkei) did.

3. Ainz

This Overlord fan art belongs in a poster. Although KluverDesigns (@KluverDesigns) said that he wasn’t a big fan, it doesn’t remove the fact that this piece is awesome.

2. Serene Albedo

Overlord is an action-packed series and moments and the fandom hasn’t seen much scenes where characters looked serene. Thanks to Notgustiarp.jpeg (@saleppanu1), we have seen how graceful and delicate Albedo can look.

1.Overlord Combat Scene

The number 1 spot belongs to Keyliom (@XKeyliom) for this poster.

Do you know or have Overlord fan arts that need to be featured? Drop them in the comment section.

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