One Punch Man Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See

Everyone knows about how strong Saitama is and how his lack of hair is related to that. However, there is one thing that people are not made completely aware of and it’s how talented One Punch Man fans are!

Let’s take a look on 10 One Punch Man fan arts we found:

10. A-bark-able Life with A Pet

This is one of the most adorable One Punch Man fan art I have ever seen, hands down!

9. Punch You!

While this fan art by (@raywin_draws) is great, it kind of missed a few spots. Nevertheless, still a great Saitama fan art!

8. Penciled In

Colored pencils are a tricky medium to use especially when a lot of colors are involved. This One Punch Man fan art by (@kurt.castle) made it seem like it’s playtime!

7. Battle of the Balds

Alright, this was tough but in a good way. You have Kuririn from DragonBall, Aang from The Last Airbender, and Saitama from One Punch Man in one art work. (@illustratedbylb) wanted to flex how amazing his or her skills are and we are very impressed!

6. Genos on Paper

With all of Genos’ minute details, anyone who can draw him like this will land a spot in every listicle. Thank you, (@kriegi_art)!

5. Tatsumaki Digitized

Okay, Tatsuki was never a sultry character for us but this One Punch Man fan art by ( changed our minds.

4. Saitama Goes Digital

Although this is a digital portrait of Saitama, we will give credit when credit is due. The reason why this got the top 4 spot is because of how crisp the lines are and how you can see the focus in the eyes!

3. Soft-Colored Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki, as a character, has such a tough exterior. However, in this illustration by (@artaeha), we see how soft she can be!

2. Black and Yellow

It’s amazing what (@captain.starmich_art) achieved with only black and yellow ink!

1. Genos in Different Forms

Besides the stellar quality of this post, we have to give (@goyarto) props for exploring different angles, movement, and poses for Genos. Saitama even did a slight cameo in the last picture!

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