Monster Musume Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Monster Musume is a Japanese fantasy manga series created by Takemaru Inui. It was first published in March 19, 2012 and was adapted into an anime series three years later.

The first episode of Monster Musume aired on July 8, 2015 and has become a hit in a short amount of time. Since then, the whole Monster Musume fandom have been patiently waiting for announcements regarding new episodes, seasons, or specials.

Plot of Monster Musume Season 2

In a world where the government is keeping the existence of mythical creatures such as centaurs, mermaids, harpies, and many more. This has been happening for years! About three years before the start of the storyline, the government passed a law called the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act which basically acknowledges the mythical creatures’ existence.


Since then, humans and creatures alike have been learning each other’s ways to try and co-exist peacefully. As time passes, creatures and the humans go to school together, go grocery shopping together – as if they were the same.

The story also focuses on Kimihito Kurusu, a boy who has been living quite an ordinary life with her parents abroad. To stick to his very mundane life, Kimihito does not bother volunteering for the creature-human exchange program. Just like any good and humorous anime plotline, a mix up happens.

Agent Smith, an interspecies exchange coordinator, makes a mistake of sending a lamia named Miia to Kimihito’s doorstep. Although he is raised in a bland and emotionless environment, Kimihito did not have the heart to send Miia away. For some reason, Kimihito’s decision to allow Miia to live with him caused other young female monsters to want the same arrangement.

For Monster Musume Season 2, we are going to explore further into the raging hormones of Kimihito and the young female monsters as they try to resist each other.

The Cast of Monster Musume Season 2

For now, we can only give you a breakdown of the characters that were seen on Monster Musume Season 1. However, it’s safe to assume that all these characters will be on Monster Musume Season 2 once it starts airing.

  • Kimihito Kurusu
  • Miia
  • Papi
  • Centoria/Cerea
  • Suu
  • Meroune/Mero
  • Rachnera/Rachnee
  • Lala
  • Kuroko Smith

So, When Will Monster Musume Season 2 Be Released?

The first season of Monster Musume premiered on July 8, 2015 and aired the season finale on September 23, 2015. After a year, two original animated videos were released with titles derived from Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou. The deman for Monster Musume is undoubtedly there but there hasn’t been any news on Season 2 yet.

This doesn’t mean it’s the end of this monster fantasy anime since we have the rest of the year to worry about the franchise’s future. Don’t get disheartened because we will be updating this article as soon as there are announcements available!

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Monster Musume When They Air?

Monster Musume can be watched with subtitles and with the English languaged layered into the series through Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, VRV, and HiDive.

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